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The Central Texas Linux Users Group is an informal, mild mannered, and interesting collection of Linux users and enthusiasts based in Austin, Texas. Our focus is more enterprise-minded use of Linux and related technologies. We operate a mailing list for those interested in Linux, and sharing ideas with the wider GNU/Linux community.

November 17th Meeting

An Introduction to TMUX

Thursday, 6:30 PM Central Time

I would like to have a speaker lined up for January before end of December. The slot is open and I am requesting that you volunteer to fill it. If you can, please mail the ctlug AT ctlug DOT org list with your availability.

The November 17th meeting will be held at Mangia Pizza's Domain location. The address is here.

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Our list goes out to local Linux enthusiasts and professionals with announcements and discussions about meetings, local events, and job opportunities.

Our list is for technical Linux questions and answers with subscribers beyond Central Texas.

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CTLUG, like the community of hackers who develop and maintain GNU/Linux, has no formal membership, charter or elected officers. We do, however, recognize and gratefully acknowledge the contributions of the individuals who have given generously of their time and effort to keep CTLUG going.

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Coordinator: David Duncan

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topics request list
  • Embedded (RT)
  • DHCP
  • Puppet
  • Chef
  • DNS
  • Asterisk
  • Cobbler
  • RPM
  • GIT
  • IPv6
  • GlusterFS (Cluster FS?)
  • Home Automation
  • Policy Based Routing (iptables + location based routing)
  • Amanda
    • zamanda
    • backula
    • backuppc
    • rbackup (rsync based)
  • IPv6
confirmed speakers list
  • May - Joey - HPC
  • June - Thomas - Virtualization
  • July
  • August
  • September

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